Redefining Country Roads


The key idea of this project is to highlight BIPOC stories of the South and rewrite the narrative that country music is a white art form. This project includes 3D modeled flowers that are significant to the cultural groups being represented and music snippets gathered from the Spotify API to provide a brief overview of the modern and past sounds of country music.


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In this space, users can listen to how iconic country instruments and playing techniques have progressed through history while reading about their background and inspirations. This history lesson takes place in the form of flowers growing in a desert, the desert representing the whitewashed narrative of the South, taking cues from old Western movies that have defined the imagery of the current age of country music.

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To design this project, I wanted to reach out to my community of BIPOC Southerners and began conversations about what felt like home in the South and what didn’t. We often ended up returning to the idea of being nature, and certain plants and what they represented to us. I used these conversations to inspire these new illustrations and way of respresenting this song before landing on my final iteration.

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